Heart and mind profitably
aligned in the business world


My motto and goal for my successful company projects:
thriving people, thriving teams, thriving organizations!

What is profitable for a company?

Approaching the business world with heart and mind in alignment is profitable on all levels and much more. Through my interventions, previously inconceivable creativity becomes visible and through conscious cooperation of everybody involved, wonderful new ways are found to implement this potential directly and immediately. Positive developments are clearly noticeable economically and humanly.


What is profitable for a company? What is profitable for the employees? What raises the mood and thus the quality of life and what raises the productivity of a company? I orient myself along these questions and initiate the process, which is specifically geared towards the best possible structural change.

For my corporate clients, I add value as investment banker, trainer and business coach:

For successful structural changes, deep understanding is crucial, as real transformation is only possible this way. By addressing the root causes of the complex issues at hand, changes show up sustainably in the whole system. My clients and projects benefit from the combination of coaching with investment banking and from my ability to bring both fields into a realistic and healthy balance. The willingness and ability to perform shows in healthy and happy people. The modern business world benefits in all positions from people who are resilient and creative in working together.

Business Coaching


Individual leadership coaching and team workshops, addressing root causes to leverage the full potential.

Corporate Training


Tailor-made junior investment banking seminars, including methodology, soft skills and banking topics.

Investment Banking


International corporate finance projects, with a focus on debt advisory and M&A.